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Charlie Puth phone number

Charlie Puth phone number and information

Charlie Puth phone number
Do you see it? I don’t belive <3 I love him!

When i have seen first time, I thought omg he is very handsome! But was one problem,  I’ve broken out again!  I really wanted to meet him and i i went to him. Hello Charlie Puth i  said. Hello, are you my fan? He was very ashamed, but a few minutes later he was happy that we met ourselves.  That day was the best day ever. I got his number, yes charlie puth phone number.  I really rely on him, because i called at 3 am o clock, and he picked up his phone! I would believe him! I bet he doesn’t lie. The problem is that I fall in love with him! – All I asked him for was to do me a little favour, I said Give me your hand and i said goodbay. This phone number is real, and current.


Charlie puth phone number real download
If you want him phone number, you will download him phone number! Enjoy!



Let’s do it, a few curiosities about Charlie Puth

He loves his own fans. Really, look at his phone number, call to him and see what happens! He welcomes you!

Handsome, handsome, he is handsom! He has got 1,8 meters. If you don’t belive me, check it and ask him.

If you want appear in the his music video, no problem, you have to writting to him and ask.

Charlie Puth loves the animals. He really to dotes on animals, he has got a dog, cat. As he says himself “I will have the zoo”, an intresing dream. The zoo is very a good idea!

Probably, you don’t know that he has got a pool in his house, i really don’t lie, I am telling the true!

He says that his brother behaves as if he was ten years old, but they loves themselves.

His parents are very proud of him, because they know that he really put a lot of of work into it.

The last curiosity, if you need to his autograph, you will send him message that you want to it.


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