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Ruby Rube’s phone number

Ruby Rube’s phone number


Ruby Rube Information

I have just found her phone number, I think that it has been the best day in my life.

ruby rube phone number


I have talked with Ruby Rube, It is awesome experience. Did I talk with Ruby? There are were many things, We talked from her channel to mems, pranks and other funny things. Her channel will be have 3 years old soon.  I think that it will opportunity to play! Certainly she will add new video, hmm special video! I can’t wait! A few facts…

She is from England, something more? Ok, let’s go. You know her certainly due to her youtube channel! She has created her channel in 2015.  Sience then she was adding funny videos. She also has other account

YouTube channel ( click on the button if you want to visit her channel )


She has also Musical.ly account, do you know what is name?  rubyrube1 . One at the end, hmmm i think that other fan seted up a account.  Her favorite sport is swimming, i like water, but i can not swimming.  She loved Ariana Grande, but she doesn’t love her now. This is my first post, wow I’m excited. Let’s go! We found rube rube’s phone number. Probably You are thinking now whaaaaat.  If you trust me, you will be happiest person on the world. What do you think about my first post? I know, but will be better soon. The most important is Ruby Rube’s phone number <3 She was raised with many friends, but we are the best friends to her.   Publishing her first video in december, 2015. Remember this date! It’s hard for me to write it, but I’m happy with what I’m doing. I do it for you, so I hope you love me too! If you want to share this post. It really will help me and motivate me to further actions.


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